B1 Relay Test System
The battery charger/power adapter power cable plugs into a standard 120 VAC power receptacle and into the battery charger/power adapter using an industry standard power
cable. The output from the charger plugs into a power input connector in the front panel of the B1 Relay tester. The charger provides adequate power to operate the B1 Relay Tester
and to recharge the sealed lead-acid battery. The battery charger/power adapter and the input cable may be stored in the external storage pouch for transport.

The B1 Relay Tester is a basic microprocessor-based relay tester with a primary objective to test for sticking relays through visual observation of contact operation. In addition, the relay tester measures pick up and drop away values. A standard B1 relay plug board provides mounting and electrical connectivity to the relay under test.
System Components
The B1 Relay tester is installed in a heavy duty, water resistant, plastic Pelican case. A snap-on vinyl pouch on the outside cover provides storage for the battery charger/power adapter, accessories, and cables.
Equipment Description
The B1 Relay Tester unit is a complete, stand-alone relay tester. The unit houses the battery, front panel controls, B1 relay plug board, and the electronic circuitry for performing
the relay tests. The B1 relay plug board is mounted on the front panel. The front panel controls and indications provide for control of the test and indication of the test parameters.
Since gravity relays must be tested in a vertical position, the B1 Relay Tester must be oriented in that position during testing. The cover hinges disengage as the cover is
opened, and the cover is removed. Two stabilizing bars are provided to hold the B1 Relay Tester in the desired orientation. These bars are stored in the accessory pouch for transit.
Modes of Operation
The B1 Relay Tester provides three modes of operation. These are the Basic mode, Timer mode, and Code mode.

16763 Instruction & Operations Manual PDF
Optional Storage Pouch


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