On Board Hot Bearing Detection System
onhbd Model 14020
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Ultra-Tech's family of On-Board Hot-Bearing Detection systems are self-contained, microprocessor based systems specifically designed to provide on-board Surveillance System for monitoring AC traction motor bearing and wheel bearing temperatures of railway trucks.

The primary function of our Hot-Bearing Detector is to monitor the temperature of the eight wheel bearings of the car via sensors located in each wheel bearing housing. The detector provides a total warning system in the event of a fault within itself, or any one of, or all of the bearing sensors. Simultaneously, it will signal local audible/visual, and train-line alarms, for over-temperature wheel bearings or for system failure.

The Integrated Truck Surveillance Unit goes beyond hot bearing detection and also provides truck hunting protection and air suspension monitoring.  Featuring an integrated LonWorks network communication system, the ITSU provides the latest in state of the art truck surveillance.

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